Tim Donlan

Tim Donlan 2


Name:  Tim Donlan
Date of Birth:  16/06/1992
Place of Birth:  Sydney
Height:  174cm
Weight:  82kg
Position:  Half Back
Rep Honours:  Aus Schoolboys 2010, U19 2011, Sydney Rays 2015
Junior Club:  



So, tell us about your playing career – where did you start your rugby career?

I started playing rugby for the mighty Collaroy Cougars from the U/6s and was a Rat junior. Rugby was a big part of my schooling at St. Ignatius College, Riverview which ended with representing the Australian Schoolboys. Post school I spent 3 years at the Rats, with a sabbatical at Randwick for one year before seeing the light and joining the Marlins in 2015. 

How has your season been progressing – are you personally where you want to be?

So far so good! I get shuffled around a bit between 1s and 2s but the positive with that is I get to be involved with more within the club and good results for either team are great. 2nds are coming along nicely now and being 9 from 9 in 1sts, I really can't complain.

What are your personal goals for the season?

Personally, I just want to be playing good footy and be contributing positively - whether that is in 1s or 2s. Playing in the big dance would be nice along with getting another crack at the NRC would be fun too. 

Outside of the derby, what fixture are you looking forward to most and why? Or which team do you look forward to playing and why?

I personally enjoy when we play Eastwood. Not only because we have developed a really good rivalry over the last few years but my sister's boyfriend is Eastwood's blindside flanker. It's always good fun in the house in the lead up to the game. When we win, it's even better!

Biggest rugby moment/achievement so far?

My biggest achievement so far was being awarded the Bronze Boot for the Australian Schoolboys. To have my name alongside some unbelievable past recipients such as Carlos Spencer, George Smith, Liam Messam and David Pocock to name a few is beyond humbling.

Best attribute as a player? Or worst?

Best - organisation of Movie Club. Worst - I offer nothing when it comes to boat racing. 

What’s your day job and how do you balance the two?

Well, as of when this will come out - unemployed. I have recently resigned from my job at Channel 9 as a Digital Sales Executive. I have a few things in the pipeline but am looking forward to some time off.

Which team mate would be voted off Big Brother first and who would win?

Mitch Daniel would be voted off first. He would go in all guns blazing and self appoint himself house leader causing a rift between himself and the other housemates through his bossiness seeing him nominated for eviction early. Ben Rubio would win, he is a proper English Gent. 

Player with the best work ethic and why?

Not to sound like a broken record but Kotoni Ale. I have the pleasure of going to the gym at the same time as him (#530 club) and see the effort he puts in. Plus anyone that can come back from his injury a few years ago is pretty special.

Favourite Meal?

Nothing beats a succulent Chinese meal.

Three special dinner guests?

Matty Johns, Shane Warne, Justin Timberlake

Desert Island Discs?

I have an epic Spotify playlist filled with Justin Bieber, One Direction, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys and Hanson so would happily play that on repeat everyday.

Who at the club has the best/worst banter?

James Hilterbrand for both. He has some cracking stories and one liners but then he has some complete duds.

Best/worst dressed?

Best - Jacob Woodhouse, he makes anything look good. Worst - James Brodie, it seems like he gets dressed in the dark.

If you could attend any sporting event in the world what would it be?

A full NBA finals series.

Rugby Hero/Sporting Hero/Hero?

Fourie Du Preez, Cooper Cronk, Batman

One word to describe you?