Manly Marlins

Code of Conduct

Not to conduct themselves in any manner, or engage in any activity, whether on or off the field, that would impair public confidence in the honest and orderly conduct of matches and competitions or in the integrity and good character of participants or the Club;

Not to use crude or abusive language, gestures or any behaviour perceived as bullying or harassment towards referees, touch judges or other match officials, spectators or the general public whilst on the field, spectating or representing the Club in any capacity

Not to engage in any doping practice as defined in the ARU’s doping By-Laws [check reference]

Not to bet on the outcome or on any other aspect of a rugby football match or competition in which he or she is or has been a participant

Not to seek or accept a bribe or other benefit to try to fix a match or achieve a contrived outcome

To comply with the ARU’s safety directives for referees, coaches and players

Not to repeatedly breach the laws of the game relating to foul play or misconduct

Not to abuse threaten or intimidate a referee, touch judge or other match official, whether on or off the field, or a selector, coach, manager or other team official

Manly Rugby Club relies on the support of its sponsors, supporters and standing in the community to ensure the long term prosperity of the club.

Without the goodwill of our sponsors and supporters, the Club would not exist

All players should therefore be mindful of their role as ambassadors to Manly Rugby Club.

Be mindful that you are a custodian of the Club, for those who came before you and those who will follow

Players are expected to have a knowledge of sponsors and to play a proactive role in the club’s relationship with them

Players are expected to be considered as role models to juniors and play a proactive role in the club’s relationship with MJRU, its families and supporters

Any player will be representing the club if they are wearing any MRFC branded clothing at any location, and their behaviour in these circumstances will be expected to reflect the reputation of the Club.

Alcohol & Drugs- Any player found to be under the influence of recreational or performance enhancing drugs or alcohol prior to or during play will be liable for disciplinary action, including dismissal from the Club.

Social Media –MRFC encourages players to actively engage in Social Media, however any player found to be in breach of the MRFC social media policy will be liable for disciplinary actions, including dismissal from the Club.